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Sony Usage Hours Tracking / Display AF8

I was recently searching how to display the usage hours on my new Sony Bravia AF8 OLED TV (model 2018 KD-55AF8).

I found this nice blog though for older TV and remote:

So I tried and decided to update it for recent Sony remote control used in my AF8.

  1. Switch off your television if it’s already ON.
  2. Click the following sequence of Button with less than 2 seconds: “display then 5 then Minus Volume then Power“:

Display button is this with i+ sign and the green question mark

5 button is the regular digit 5

– Volume Minus

Power button

and the TV will start in “Service mode” showing:

and the following info screen:

The three bottom left numbers shows as follow:

  • The first 5 character’s(00023) indicates TV Operation Hours,
  • The Center 5 character’s (00003) indicate Boot count
  • and the last 3 characters (00023) indicate LCD Panel Hours

Definition of each component
— TV Operation Hours: The total number of hours the TV has operated.

— Boot count
: The total number of times the television was rebooted/restarted.

— LCD Panel Hours
: The total number of hours the television LCD panel has operated.

Hope the information provided above was quite useful. Please do share the information with your friends and family to make sure they do not get cheated by showroom sales men for example.

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