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Bad experience with Canon Software Support

I’ve bought my third Canon Powershot camera in Spring 2018. So far so good – Powershot G7X Mark II. One of the features to choose this camera was also the availability to transfer images from the camera to laptop using WLAN (wireless network).


Canon provided the “Image Transfer Utility” v.1.x. So far so good.




It was working for half a year and I got a message that this version (1.2.x) is deprecated and I should upgrade to the new app v.2.0.


I’ve upgraded to the new version of Image Transfer Utility app for Mac. Somehow during the setup there was no connection to the camera. Tried many times without success.

Now I upgraded the software to the latest version 2.1 and what I found in the documentation for supported models is that for G7X Mark III is supported, but mine Mark II (bought Q1 2018) is not. And there is no upgrade of firmware of G7X or other image transfer utility.


Very disappointing.


Hey, Canon, Your new software sucks (SUX!!!). I would consider another camera vendor for my 4th camera purchase.