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Книгата “Вътрешно изграждане” на Садхгуру на български език

Why do ancient philosophies from India and the West seem similar ?

In an online interview with India’s Intel Country Head Nivruti Rai.

Also interesting point and details on how people in India developed for thousand of years and why they were easily conquered by the sea ship warriors.

Mike Tyson Asks Sadhguru Some Hard-hitting Questions

  • The beginning:
    Mike Tyson: So, tell me, what do you think you’re here for? What would you think I want to talk to you about? What would you think I would want to listen to you for?
    Sadhguru: Toughest guys in the world get beaten by life.
  • Recycling body and the Americans, и за раят и защо все по-малко вярват в него (the heaven, the body)
  • Вицът за фазана, бикът (the joke about the bull and the pheasant) и eating bullshits
    The moral of the story – many times even bullshit can get you to the top, but it never lets you stay there.
  • и за ефективността –

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