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MacOS / Logitech Lift and secure input problem

Interesting problem during setup of Logitech Lift mouse.

There is a secure input mode / flag on MacOS which prevents input devices in some cases from working / installing properly.

Below is a post on the topic in the Logitech support forum:

Logi Options+ issues recognizing devices on macOS when Secure Input is enabled


To check if secure input mode is enabled and by which process do the following:

  • Launch terminal and go in directory /Applications/Utilities 
  • Execute command
    ioreg -l -d 1 -w 0 | grep SecureInput
  • If nothing returned, then the secure input mode is NOT active
  • Otherwise search for “kCGSSessionSecureInputPID”=xxxx in the returned output. The number xxxx points to the Process ID (PID). You can kill it and try again

Another guide for general setup of the Logitech software on MacOS Ventura (13.x):


And the site to help you setup the mouse: ERGOsetup.logi.com