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Sadhguru videos 2023-2 – на български

Дебело черво

  • Когато храносмилателният процес върви няма как да върви пречистване на клетъчно ниво. Клетките ще задържат нечистите вещества, защото като върви хрансомилателен процес всички други процеси спадат (са на по-ниска активност – включително и мозъка).
    • за това между 2 хранения трябва да има минимум 6 до 8 часа
  • Вземайте на гладко нийм и куркума (neem & turmeric)
  • Вземайте трифала или рициново масло:
    (trifala [смес на тропическите плодове: harita, bibhita, amala] & castor oil) – от 15 декември до 15 януари, заради минимално слънчево влияние и по-голямата инерция в организма.
    Trifala: https://www.ishalife.com/in/catalogsearch/result/?q=triphala

// Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9IRVFqSzHb0
from Sadhguru’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/sadhguru

Щитовидна жлеза

По темата с проблемите с щитовидната жлеза – дисбалансиран начин на живот и слаба активност и … “да отхлабите захвата” (прекалено сериозно сте хванали живота).

Садгуру – официален канал на български език


Sadhguru videos – Садхгуру видеота

Списък с интересни видеота, статии и материали на Садхгуру:

Интересно интервю в канала на LondonRealTV:


Книгата “Вътрешно изграждане” на Садхгуру на български език

Why do ancient philosophies from India and the West seem similar ?

In an online interview with India’s Intel Country Head Nivruti Rai.

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Sadhguru – Death: An Inside Story by Sadhguru

Another interesting and though inspiring article to think about from Sadhguru:

Excerpt | Death: An Inside Story by Sadhguru


and a longer story on his site (isha.sadhguru.org):


the very body that you carry is just a piece of earth. The soil that you have gathered and made into this body, as well as your identities, have become so strong that losing it looks like a terrible thing.


The dead bodies of birds, insects, dogs and human beings is just soil being put back to soil. It is not some great drama, it is a natural process. You have to return and recycle what you picked up. You may attach much significance to your birth, life and death, but as far as Mother Earth is concerned, it is just recycling. It pops you out and pulls you back in. You may assume too many things about yourself, but you must return what you have gathered. It is a good habit. 

Sadhguru – “Death, Dying and the Meaning of Life”

savesoil.org – Sadhguru

Spend 1 minute to watch Sadhguru in Jordan about savesoil.org:
“Just one eat only mud” … let’s not be like the camel in the desert

Interesting facts about soil:


“By 2050, 90% of Earth’s soils could be degraded, unless we act now.(UNCCD, 2020) #SaveSoil savesoil.org”

Soil is home to over a quarter of all living species on Earth. (European Union, 2010) #SaveSoil savesoil.org

An increase of 1% of organic matter in the top six inches of soil holds approximately an additional 20,000 gallons of water per acre. (USDA NRCS, 2016) #SaveSoil savesoil.org

One teaspoon of soil contains more living organisms than there are people in the world. (Nature Education Knowledge, 2013) #SaveSoil savesoil.org