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GCP (Google Cloud Platform) – tips, tricks, solutions

How to list all GKE node pools in your organization

First – you need to have read/list right on the org level.

And then you can get the org number by selection your organization from top dropdown and get the numeric ID (not name/ID) and put it in the query below:

gcloud asset search-all-resources \
--asset-types="" --scope=organizations/11222333344

Schedule your Mac to turn on or off (sleep) in Terminal

You can use the pmset command line utility in Terminal to schedule specific times for your Mac to start up, sleep, restart, or shut down.

In the Terminal app on your Mac, enter a pmset command. Examples:

pmset -g sched See the current schedule
sudo pmset repeat wake M 8:30:00 Schedule your Mac to wake at 8:30 a.m. every Monday
sudo pmset repeat cancel Cancel the current schedule. I was searching how to stop this routine I have setup long time ago.
Examples of PMSET command usage

How to allow apps to be downloaded and opened from anywhere on MacOS Ventura / Как да разрешим да се изпълняват програми свалени от интернет на Мак ОС Вентура

Open Terminal / Стартирайте програмата Терминал:

sudo spctl --master-disable

And in  Apple menu => “System Settings” => “Privacy & Security” => “Security” section select option:

MacOS / Logitech Lift and secure input problem

Interesting problem during setup of Logitech Lift mouse.

There is a secure input mode / flag on MacOS which prevents input devices in some cases from working / installing properly.

Below is a post on the topic in the Logitech support forum:

Logi Options+ issues recognizing devices on macOS when Secure Input is enabled

To check if secure input mode is enabled and by which process do the following:

  • Launch terminal and go in directory /Applications/Utilities 
  • Execute command
    ioreg -l -d 1 -w 0 | grep SecureInput
  • If nothing returned, then the secure input mode is NOT active
  • Otherwise search for “kCGSSessionSecureInputPID”=xxxx in the returned output. The number xxxx points to the Process ID (PID). You can kill it and try again

Another guide for general setup of the Logitech software on MacOS Ventura (13.x):

And the site to help you setup the mouse:

MacOS terminal improvements

Check which shell you use:

  echo $0

If it is bash you can continue editing bash settings:

  nano ~/.bash_profile

Add a line containing this:

  export PS1="\w\$ "

This will show you the current path in the terminal (bash).

And I like the short “ls -la” command to be set as alias “ll“, so I added also:

  alias ll="ls -la"

Remember to open new terminal window to get the new settings or execute:

  source ~/.bash_profile

That’s all for now!

Chrome browser: Bypass “Your connection is not private” Message

Interesting post on how to bypass the Chrome browser “Your connection is not private” and other SSL errors.

What I learned and I liked is Option 2:

Option 2 – Prevent Warning

  1. Click a blank section of the denial page.
  2. Using your keyboard, type thisisunsafe and press Enter. This will add the website to a safe list, where you should not be prompted again.

It surely works!

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Инсталация на stampit КЕП (квалифициран електронен подпис) на Apple лаптопи с M2 чип

Едно бързо и конкретно ръководство за инсталация на КЕП от StampIT (от Информационно обслужване АД) на Macbook Pro с новия M2 чип и MacOS Monterey v.12.4.

Моят КЕП и това ръководство е за:

  • четец – CIR1158
  • карта – StampIT ID Prime 940

Ето как да проверите моделите на вашия четец на карта и на самата карта:

Continue reading Инсталация на stampit КЕП (квалифициран електронен подпис) на Apple лаптопи с M2 чип

Unrar notes – December, 2016 – November , 2016 – 2012-2015


And for:

File size: 496.18 MB MD5: ed9934ab57420e733a273dac96e97afd

Try with pass: SAnet.ST

Compatible PoE adapter for camera Reolink RLC-520A

I have ordered in March 2022 the Reolink PoE Security Camera RLC-520A at

The camera comes without power adaptor! So I had to find one. It is really hard to find what are the compatible devices for PoE option to supply the camera.

On the Reolink page it is written that the PoE should be compatible with:

PoE: IEEE 802.3af, 48V Active

Though on most of PoE adapters it is not written if they are “Active” or not. And in some forums you can find a lot of failed attempts to use different PoE adapters and some replies that they are failing to work because they are not active.

I got from a friend a spare PoE power adapter as follow:

Ubiquiti Networks POE-48-24W PoE adapter 48 V
EAN: 810354023064
SKU: POE-48-24W

Although it is not stated that it is “Active” adapter it works and successfully powers the Reolink RCL-520A camera. So Ubiquiti POE-48-24W is COMPATIBLE with Reolink RCL-520A. ✅✅✅

  • Note (tip): You need to connect power AND wired LAN signal in order to adapter to send power to the camera! Otherwise using only power adapter and camera may trick you that it is not working.

3d Flag Map Of Bulgaria Royalty Free Stock Images - Image: 5610649Lang: bg (на български) :
Съвместимост на камера Reolink RCL-520A с PоE адаптер от Ubiquiti

– Камера Reolink RCL-520A е съвместима и може да се ползва с PoE адаптер от Ubiquiti POE-48-24W PoE adapter 48 V.
* Важно: За да работи освен захранване и UTP кабел от захранването към камерата, трябва да се подаде и LAN сигнал по кабела за интернет връзка! ✅✅✅