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Extend VL06 transaction adding new field in output layout – SAP ECC

A good article and OSS note if you need to extend the standard ABAP SAP ECC transaction VL06 to display outbound deliveries details.

VL06: Insert fields to LIPOV



OSS Note 128150: https://me.sap.com/notes/128150


Extend LIPOVZ structure with your append structure and fields.

LIPOVZ is included in LIPOV structure which is used in report VL06.

If the name of the new fields are the same as in LIKP / LIPS, then the values will be auto populated.

But if you want to get values from other fields (like SO VBAK, or VBKD table), then you have to implement user-exit (extension name) via transaction SMOD assigning: V50Q0001

And in function module EXIT_SAPLV50Q_001 you have to create include ZXV50QU01 in which to put your code. Loop at CT_POSTAB and determine the value and change the field in the item of this internal table. Note: this exit is called for all items at once!

Sometimes you need to reset the buffers:
Note : BALVBUFDEL program must be run with SE38 for deletion of last buffer . Details on oss note 122975.