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Sleep – Joe Rogan & Matthew Walker

Every 30 seconds, there is a road traffic accident caused by insufficient sleep in America

  • After 20 hours without sleep, you are as cognitively impaired as you would be if you were legally drunk
  • There are spikes in traffic accidents during the later hours of the night, relative to the amount of traffic on the road
  • In addition – “Road traffic accidents are a lot more deathly when caused by insufficient sleep, when compared to drugs or alcohol”
    • Why? – With drugs or alcohol, you tend to have a “late” reaction. When you’re extremely sleep deprived, you’re prone to brief “micro sleeps”, which can be fatal – you don’t have any reaction…at all. When you fall asleep, you won’t hit the breaks. At that moment, there’s a two ton missile traveling at 65 mph, and no one’s in charge.”
  • A lack of sleep causes more car accidents than drugs and alcohol combined

// source: https://podcastnotes.org/jordan-harbinger-show/sleep-2/

Podcast video: Joe Rogan Experience #1109 – Matthew Walker: https://www.youtube.com/live/pwaWilO_Pig

Schedule your Mac to turn on or off (sleep) in Terminal

You can use the pmset command line utility in Terminal to schedule specific times for your Mac to start up, sleep, restart, or shut down.

In the Terminal app on your Mac, enter a pmset command. Examples:

pmset -g sched See the current schedule
sudo pmset repeat wake M 8:30:00 Schedule your Mac to wake at 8:30 a.m. every Monday
sudo pmset repeat cancel Cancel the current schedule. I was searching how to stop this routine I have setup long time ago.
Examples of PMSET command usage